Luciana Villas-Boas and Raymond Moss created VBM Literary Agency and Consultancy in April, 2012, out of their love for literature and books. After 17 years as editorial director and publisher of Grupo Editorial Record in Rio de Janeiro (having negotiated over 1,500 book publishing contracts during this period), Luciana concluded that she could work much more effectively directly on behalf of authors as a literary agent and provide them with a clear and direct path to quality publishing houses and publishing deals in Brazil, the United States and the international market. As a literary agent, Luciana will also continue to help authors bring their novels into being, trim and sharpen book proposals and texts and to consult on a variety of publishing, cinema, theatrical and literary projects in Brazil and abroad.

Raymond Moss has been an international corporate and intellectual property lawyer for nearly 30 years and has negotiated agreements on behalf of authors, entrepreneurs and a variety of publishing groups. He is also the founding partner of Moss & Gilmore LLP, a corporate law firm with offices in Atlanta and New York. VBM Literary Agency and Consultancy represents literary fiction as well as nonfiction authors on historical themes, biographies, memoirs, inspirational books, spirituality and other contemporary issues. We also represent catalogs from fine international publishing houses and literary agencies based in the United States and Europe. Our primary goal as literary agents is to maximize the value of each literary work and author in a dynamic and ever-changing market.