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Chegou à agência o exemplar tão esperado de THE INVISIBLE LIFE OF EURIDICE GUSMAO, da Oneworld, e acreditem, a edição é ainda mais linda ao vivo.



Falando em Martha Batalha… a autora foi convidada pela Los Angeles Review of Books para ler trechos de EURÍDICE no evento “New Authors, New Voices” em Hollywood, Califórnia, dia 19 de Setembro. Bom, porque, por sorte, Martha mora não muito longe, em Santa Monica.

Para terminar, as resenhas elogiosas da EURÍDICE inglesa continuam pipocando internet afora. Desta vez, Martha foi elogiada na crítica do site Book Riot.

Riot Roundup: The Best Books We Read In August

The Invisible Life of Euridice Gusmao by Martha Batalha (October 10, OneWorld Publications)

Euridice is a talented girl with big ideas for herself, but when her sister, Guida, elopes and leaves the family staggering at their loss, Euridice sets aside any of her own ambitions and becomes the model daughter, wife, and mother. But you can’t squash that spirit inside of Euridice, and she tries to do both – be the model wife and mother, and also be a writer, a cook, a seamstress, an entrepreneur, anything to settle that restlessness inside. This book is a series of Euridice’s attempts at the life she wants—the life we all know she needs—despite challenges from nosy neighbors, a highly traditional (if confused) husband, and the surprise return of her sister. I think what spoke to me so much about Euridice’s story is the way we try to model ourselves into what others want us to be—quiet and suitable and fine, just fine, always fine—but the way also that Euridice knows that’s all a load of bull. Her strength and scrappiness (this lady is the definition of scrappy) always wins—it always has to. Her journey is such a satisfying one to watch. While the ending of the book is, for me, a bit rushed, the arc of this novel, the writing, the characters, are a joy to read.
—Dana Staves

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